As a businessperson you can benefit by a visual overview of your business and personal plans. Efficienta’s unique omniplan system provides you with an attractive, color-coded display of your complete business and personal schedule.
You can respond instantly and decisively in any planning situation by glancing at your personal omniplan board, located near your telephone or desk.
Magnetic strips in six bright colors, each representing a different type of activity, offer a quick overview of your schedule (e.g., blue for meetings, red for trade shows or conventions, green for business trips, yellow for advertising campaigns, purple for product development schedules and orange for golf or sailing).



Omniplan is not limited to only one year. At the end of each month you change the magnetic-daily-date strip to reflect the next year’s days and dates for that month. For example, once January is over, you can immediately start planning for next January. Your short and long-range plans are always in sight (while color-coded for privacy) on your distinctively personal omniplan planning board.

Where other systems stop, omniplan continues… just like your activities.
Omniplan is a continuous management system, which you can appreciate forever
An essential planning tool
Omniplan helps you to plan more efficiently by showing the ‘flow’ of your plans and activities in vivid colors. Potentially slack or overloaded periods can be easily seen, and adjusted well in advance.
Omniplan complements and enhances your daily calendar – where detailed information like names and meeting times can be noted. Omniplan gives you an easy-to-change picture of your daily, monthly, and yearly schedule. And it’s color-coded so that you or your secretary can match it with any recorded details.


Change is a constant factor in your life. For this reason, all components of the omniplan system are magnetized to allow total flexibility in your scheduling arrangements. The colored magnetic strips can be smoothly broken in day lengths, to be positioned, re-positioned, or removed. You can write on the strips, and erase them easily.
Since each color represents a certain type of activity (internal meeting, client meeting, etc.) your secretary or other close associates can readily check your schedule should change requests be made during your absence.
Text with pictures:

  • better overview
  • better insight
  • schedule time for personal activities

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